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(the Marecchia valley)

"Optimism is the fragrance of life."
It's one of the famous phrases of the great poet Tonino Guerra, born in 1920 in Valmarecchia at Santarcangelo of Romagna for accuracy.
Valmarecchia valley is drawn from the river Marecchia in its path from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. It belongs to the majority of its territory to the Romagna, even if it originates in Tuscany and laps Marche and San Marino.
The Valmarecchia hills are the immediate hinterland of Bellaria Igea Marina. Here, the territory has a sweet profile in which you embed rock peaks that form the natural protection to splendid castles and palaces.
Historically Valmarecchia gave birth to the family of the Malatesta, the Lordship that from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century there extended its dominion and of which today we still intact evidence of a past passionate and sumptuous.
But the important story of Valmarecchia part even before, by the Umbrians and the Etruscans that lived during the early Iron Age about three thousand years ago.
In Valmarecchia the charm of an extraordinary nature merges with small villages with fortified walls, fortresses, castles and towers of the majestic cliffs where churches and museums contain precious art treasures.
All the historical heritage of the Valmarecchia is well preserved and is easily accessible to the tourist who likes to discover the soul of vacation spots.
A holiday in Bellaria Igea Marina is much more than a beach holiday, it is a dip in the places of history, beauty, culture and tastes.

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