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Gelso Park

The "Parco del Gelso" (gelso means mulberry) is one of the largest areas of green spaces that tourists can freely attend on the Adriatic coast.

Its name is from a little lake named Gelso. The Park is adjacent to the center of Igea Marina and it is one of the most significant examples of the direct relationship between cities and tourist environment. In the park there are rich vegetation and some thematic areas (such as the butterfly garden) making it one of the most interesting of the holiday in Bellaria Igea Marina. It's a paradise of play for children, which are free to play in the great green meadows that become a rainbow of colors and flowers from spring to most of the summer.
The Gelso Park is truly a special place that in addition to the many games for the children, to the wonders of nature and the small animals that you can meet, also offers to adults the opportunity to take long walks or cycling, jogging and body exercises in a quiet and not contaminated area. A benefit for your health and a bit of serenity that can double the holiday value.